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Paul Harris, the inventor of the Theraphi, brings a unique and eclectic understanding to the realm of health and energy technologies, with a comprehensive understanding of how energy fields affect biological systems.

Paul designed the Theraphi to create a bioactive field utilizing Dan Winter’s phi based frequencies. Paul has dedicated his life to following nature as his guide. He is an eclectic researcher, inventor and educator who has developed a deep knowledge base in a wide area of studies including plasma physics, electronics, chemistry, water technologies, herbology, permaculture, mycology, fermentation, environmental remediation, alternative fuels, energy production and storage.

Paul has created several wellness devices over the years, and is currently developing a biological manufacturing facility, which incorporates all of these technologies to create a showcase model for going beyond sustainable agriculture. It will provide food, natural medicine, and produce energy from local waste products, incorporating several closed loop systems.

Paul is known for his presentations on various topics including Theraphi technology, the medicinal properties of mushrooms, bio-hacking, advanced plasma technologies, the TESLATRON, and the importance of structured water in preventing disease.

Theraphi is an advanced, finely tuned, plasma based technology that is made for anyone looking to maximize their health and longevity potential. This multiple modality instrument is simply unique in its form and function, as well as its cumulative benefits, positively affecting every aspect of one's being. 

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