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Advanced Plasma Technology For Total Body Wellness

Theraphi manufactures unique, cutting edge instruments that produce full spectrum, bioactive, plasma fields.



TheraPhi is an experimental frequency and energy device based on non-invasive, non-contact principles of holistic wellness.  It is a reorienting device that allows the mind, body, and spirit to realign and re-focus to the benefit of the whole organism.

Utilizing a unique method of transforming electricity discovered by Nikola Tesla, TheraPhi generates a specialized configuration of electrostatic and electromagnetic fields combined with light, effectively acting as a human battery charger. A proprietary computer/amplifier drives this unique Tesla Coil to induce into the field extremely specific constructive frequencies based on phi-ratio sacred mathematics/geometry, and the resulting signal is used to power two custom vacuum plasma tubes.

These photonic emitters contain a special blend of Noble gases. The electrical charge on the emitters causes the gases to spin (in opposite directions) and emit photons in resonance with the electric and magnetic fields. These, along with the various frequencies generated by the computer, are combined to create a bioactive field.

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Charge up the entire body

Theraphi supports proper charge and charge distribution at the cellular level. This translates to proper cellular communication which allows the body to divert power where needed in order to keep the body in balance.

Supplying the body with the raw energy it requires in a constructive and coherent way will naturally support the body’s innate ability to regulate proper circulation, pain management, lymphatic flow, anxiety, cellular energy production, regeneration, general mental, emotional, and physical wellness.

Simply increasing energy levels in the biofield increases the movement of Qi through the body which in turn supports the organ systems and meridian structures from the dense tissues to subtle aspects of our consciousness.

Theraphi Supports

  • Cellular Optimization
  • Detoxification
  • Relaxation
  • Injury & Excercise Recovery
  • Emotional Balance
  • Concentration & Focus
  • Anti-aging
  • Cellular Respiration & Metabolism
  • Water Structuring
  • Harmony of Nerves & Nerve Transmission
  • Mind Amplification
  • Circulation
  • Lymphatic Flow

How does it work?


Theraphi is the culmination of multiple electro-therapy modalities rolled into one finely tuned instrument that creates negentropy potential at the cell level by way of constructive, bio-active plasma fields. The heart of the Theraphi is a one of a kind, custom built amplifier that drives a 500,000 volt Tesla coil, which powers two handmade plasma tubes containing a proprietary blend of noble gases.

The frequency cascade transmitted from the amplifier that modulates the cold plasma field causes the energy emitted from the plasma tubes to spin in opposite directions, from opposing sides of the body. As the two fields move towards each other longitudinally with specific spacial geometry, they create a field where phase conjugation occurs.

Phase conjugation happens when the energy waves intersect and reflect the waves back along the path on which it came. As this reflected conjugate wave propagates backwards, it returns a coherent beam traveling in the opposite direction.

Essentially, this longitudinal wave vortex acceleration creates a superluminal energy potential that the body absorbs like a sponge by acting as a dielectric medium. Laying between the Theraphi tubes, the body completes the circuit and is flooded with highly structured, coherent light. This time-reversed, phase conjugate amplification of the body’s endogenous electrical signaling can support the reversal of entropy at the cell level which supports the body in returning cells to their former healthy state.

These longitudinal, compressional waves produced by the Theraphi can actually be observed by placing a long fluorescent light bulb in between the plasma tubes.

Theraphi uses natural principles, combined into highly coherent plasma photon emissions, which creates a bioactive field for cellular regeneration.


What is Phi Ratio?

The frequency cascade that is utilized in the Theraphi to create the longitudinal wave acceleration consists of Phi ratio integers, which are essential to the unique therapeutic qualities that the Theraphi provides.

Explaining the Phi ratio (golden mean) in depth can be complex and multi-faceted, yet the overarching concept is quite simple in certain respects. People often refer to the beauty of the mathematical proportionality seen in nature when contemplating the Phi ratio. For example, if you look at a Lichtenberg figure, you will see a fractal pattern that is a result of the loss of dielectric inertia and/or electrostatic discharge in the counterspace. We often consider these fern or mycelium-like patterns beautiful, to the point of creating art that we display in our homes with it. So on one level, we can consider the Phi ratio to be harmonics of beauty, which is what most people think of when they reflect on the nature of Phi ratio.

If we look more deeply at the root of what is happening in nature, with both growth and decay phenomena in relation to Phi ratio, we can see that it is a simplex pressure mediation. If something is growing/expanding, it will naturally move in a geometry or direction that is the path of least resistance (lowest pressure), or the path of highest efficiency.

Phi is the perfect ratio proportionality for manifestation of that which is unmanifest and has no Cartesian value.

Phi is the perfect ratio proportionality for manifestation of that which is unmanifest and has no Cartesian value.

With the natural movement of energy we have either torsion, centrifugal magnetic divergence, or with energy decay we have centripetal dielectric convergence. Both of these move in the most efficient way possible, manifesting themselves in this Phi ratio pattern on the physical plane. This is the dance of the magnetic and dielectric, which are two aspects of one thing.

We utilize these understandings and ratios from a frequency perspective to modulate a plasma field that produces broad spectrum phase conjugation. Phase conjugation is a physical transformation of a wave field, where the resulting field has a reversed propagation direction, but keeps its amplitudes and phases. Simply put, we are able to create a field that helps the cells reset to a higher level of order and self-organization. Since the cells have a memory they can be reset to a higher level of self-organization or cellular integrity. This is what we call biological negentropy, or anti-aging.

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